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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:33

        2020年06月25日 09:15:33

        This both sides signs " strengthen execute the law cooperation operates detailed rules " content includes to establish a lead group, establish 4 mechanisms such as cooperation of information communication, synthesis, legal system communication 22 measure, made clear both sides to will be begun henceforth further execute the law specific executive means of cooperation, the mark is worn Guangdong sea alarm contraband cooperation to enter a brand-new phase instead with branch of custom suppress smuggling. After signing ceremony, both sides held first time joint meeting according to detailed rules, analysed current smuggling situation, undertake study to discuss with respect to tentative plan of job leaving a stage.

        Current, liaoning inputs diagnose case of illness outside condition of report of complete province accumulative total 21, cure entirely leave hospital; Case of illness of diagnose of mainland of report of complete province accumulative total 130, cure leave hospital 126, die 2, 2 are treated in the courtyard.

        After happening of the situation of a disaster, city decreases calamity appoint the office organizes relevant section quickly to undertake the situation of a disaster grinds sentence, make working deploy. Basis " lash-up of fight a drought of Chongqing city flood prevention beforehand case " , start lash-up of class of whole town Ⅲ to answer, area opening a state starts Ⅱ class lash-up to answer.

        Up to on June 17 24 when, case of illness of diagnose of report of Liaoning province accumulative total 152, cure leave hospital 147, die 2, 3 are treated in the courtyard. The person that accumulative total tracks diagnose case of illness to be contacted closely 4296 people (the person that contain case of illness of the input outside the condition to be contacted closely) , already removed medicine watchs 4022 people, still 274 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        Nanchang of center extensive network on May 28 message (reporter Xie Yuansen) the understanding on the routine news briefing that the reporter holds from hall of environment of Jiangxi province zoology arrives, this year April, save fine grained content completely (PM2.5) month all chroma is 35 microgramme / stere, rise compared to the same period 16.7% , 9 rivers are mixed month of PM2.5 of appropriate spring city all chroma drops, the others each city rises; Scale of good day number is 85.8% , than last year the corresponding period dropped 13.9 percent, scale of number of Jingdezhen city good day is 100% , jingdezhen city keeps balance compared to the same period, the others 10 cities drop compared to the same period.

        Each district adopts strong step to do good defense work with all one's strength. Yang Jiang shifts to an earlier date early-warning is pressed down (street) , village (house) the masses of dangerous area, dispatch team member of rush to deal with an emergency car of 1954 people, rush to deal with an emergency a light boat of 52 stage, rubber 18, rescue is stranded personnel 495 people, transfer uncannily region staff 1510 person-time, place teachs a branch to start suspend class mechanism in time. The city such as river door, Shan head, luxuriant name, Zhao Qing, Yun Fu strengthens hold a conference or consultation to grind sentence, seasonable deploy defence works.

        Changsha of center extensive network on June 11 message (reporter Deng Wenhui) today (11 days) , the reporter does the know on held press conference from news of Hunan Province government, hunan already found out hidden trouble of of all kinds and geological calamity to order 18496 part now, involve suffer minatory population to even more 700 thousand.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter Lei Kai) doing good normalization epidemic situation to prevent accuse while, city of Shaanxi province Xi'an first nursery school that has garden requirement today (on June 8) term begins, execute wrong peak to receive send, wrong peak repast and wrong peak are outdoors activity, the parent can choose to whether return garden of one's own accord.

        The reporter understood when spot of few points project is interviewed recently, 43 kilometers build by laying bricks or stones protects trunk canal the rest on the west the cement prefabricated components that transforms a project to need all sorts of norms makes an appointment with many 280, to ensure this year inside year as scheduled finishing, already established 4 coordinate to change prefab field definitely in along the line, builder people working overtime prefab, all concrete component that ensures the middle ten days of a month will finish place to need in August is prefab, channel build by laying bricks or stones is begun to protect at the beginning of September, be in icebound before finish whole trench build by laying bricks or stones to protect. Construction unit is in blend electron of the installation on equipment metric device, make sure concrete component essence allows burden, introduce advanced and prefab device, optimize construction craft ceaselessly, protect quality to fall cost, accelerate prefab construction plan, realized efficient win-win.

        These two days, the fruit grower of city of Shanxi province carry is experiencing " brains storm " , another cultivate door going to same destination is driven -- the apple of national level modernization of village of Dongzhuo of the county that face Yi sets an example base. Villager of Dong Zhuocun of the county that face Yi thanks alley canal to say, oneself will see the new pattern that demonstrative base cultivates, "I am old hat rare establish all the time, wide travel close planting is here " .

        Allowed to uncover members of standing committee of Yang Puning municipal Party committee in May 2003

        In the meantime, the expert expresses, the program research to innovation crowd and innovation system, what form then is custom-built change system of public service form a complete set and garden area to replace method, it is better to can carry qualitative synergism to offer for scientific city carry out how-to.

        In economy of wide Qing Dynasty of north of another name for Guangdong Province assembly room of extraordinary cooperation area, guangdong saves garden of industry of goods and materials of communal and wholesome lash-up, Huanali work college polymer is new-style shape to 35 projects such as center of cent of garden of industry of wide Buddha of research center of equipment country project uncover a shop sign or be signed about,

        Ecosystem respect. Whole town builds area afforest to enclothe rate 40.17% , forest land area 68.02 million mus, silvan area 61.98 million mus, the forest is enclothed rate 50.1% . In natural groove guard and biology diversity respect, chongqing city has number of natural groove guard 58, area eight hundred and four thousand eight hundred hectare, 9.77% what occupy area of whole town the area of a country's territory. Whole town scenery scenic spot area 36 place, distributing in 31 areas county (among them advocate the city zone 6 place) . Whole town distributings wild thought runs a plant more than kinds 6000, among them, one class key protects the country wildlife 9 kinds. Liu Shengye gives birth to vertebrate more than kinds 800, land of protection of mutual nation emphasis gives birth to wild animal 65 kinds, land of one class protection gives birth to its China home wild animal 11 kinds.

        On June 4 0, 24 when, fujian Province report adds case of diagnose of the input outside the condition newly 0. The report adds doubt of the input outside the condition newly to seem case that day 0. The person that the report adds the input outside the condition newly to be affected without the symptom that day 1, input for Singapore (Xiamen city reports) .

        Qinghai of case library railroad paragraph the sand blown by wind of two side defends the project has been in by March many a sector of an area develop the whole line, press at present construction schedule, can carry out entirely before June 10 finish.

        Center extensive network Huhhot on June 3 message (Wang Weifan of reporter Bao Yin's reporter) this morning, inner Mongolia faces whole area consumer to extend first " sports consumes certificate " . Have the aid of consumes certificate to reduce citizen fitness cost further, push sports industry answer of go back to work is produced.

        Classics investigation, on May 3 afternoon 17 when make, the parent small letter on mobile phone of victim Chen Mou group receive to come from " classmaster " group of messages: Each parent is good midday! School announcement is ordered " Huang Gang " series knowledge exercises terms begins with offerring use, have correspondence with course set roll and the data that next semester need expends altogether 711.5 yuan, ask each parent pay the detail Zhang sheet in Zhang sheet check scheme hair group in! The bookshop checks trade odd numbers! I am in charge of statistical number, thank each parent to cooperate. In the meantime, "Classmaster " the 2 dimension that still released a piece of gathering pile up a picture.

        2016, yuan Mou wins the bid the rental business shop of some economy cooperation, and relet gives another individual and industrial and commercial a management meal, lease comes 2024. This year after epidemic situation happening, yuan Mou spreads actual area to be less than with business win the bid for the area, requirement economy cooperation is returned reach level of hire, change hire more, decrease collect rent.

        On May 29, the date of Zhang of official face book of municipal government of Nuo of summer of card of Italian unconscious peaceful releases mayor Laiaonaduo Katena (the acknowledgment letter that Leonardo Catena) writes Italy to be stationed in Chongqing consulate, flourish prosperous area is mentioned to donate the immense significance of public to place service and numerous family this for many times in the letter.

        Essential stare at weak point to defend, in taking seriously highly little river, medium the pluvial defence of urine library works, strengthen Jiang He to dike, the go on a tour of inspection of the project such as brake station, reservoir defends, crucial period wants the staff that add a group, increase frequency of close go on a tour of inspection second, achieve hidden trouble early discovery, danger affection is fast deal with, ensure the project runs safety; Should reinforce town focal point the risk dot platoon of easy waterlogged place is checked, make preparation of good lash-up drain flooded fields; Should highlight had done fasten greatly defence of calamity of geology of a mountainous area mountain torrents works south a mountainous area, Anhui, the early warning system of calamity of sufficient play mountain torrents that monitor is mixed group of plan group defend systematic action, transfer uncannily region staff ahead of schedule, ensure people life is safe.

        Experts still express, be in current new coronal is pneumonic epidemic situation still the special period of whole world of indulge in wilful persecution, congress of global health forum can fight epidemic disease action to produce main platform effect for the whole world. The 2nd congress should develop a condition according to epidemic situation, adjust congress in time program and discussion topic for discussion, be inputted in the case of illness outside the condition of healthy, control that assures to join meeting honored guest and prevent epidemic situation to rebound wait for a respect to make relevant beforehand case.

        Spent 40 old time so, to other people character perhaps is a snap of the fingers only between one brandish, but to Liu Mei Xiu character, spend in the overworked that takes care of two patients everyday, it is the endless and hard years with adv unimaginably other people. Nevertheless, be sufferred from to these and tired, liu Mei Xiu did not grouse or not reconciled to passes, most when suffering is the tireddest, she wipes tear, still hold to one answer a day attend, "Easy dot, at ease point can be gotten too when making the husband and husband's younger brother alive " , it is her greatest cherished desire.

        Be in today E Er is much this the mark wears a hair ceremony that banner of Er of town accurate square holds the national priority discipline that invests nearly 4 billion yuan allows industrial siding of railroad of colliery of tower of youth of case Er banner to throw operation formally, industrial siding of railroad of green tower colliery is accurate Geernabude the industrial siding that the area conforms first times with railroad of accurate new moon, start is youth of banner of standard pattern Er square of tower colliery industry, terminus is equestrian bar station and railroad of accurate new moon to conform, 39.238km of circuit overall length. This railroad line is single second moving special train is 105 railroad car, volume exceeds 8400 tons, the design carries ability long-dated program is close 30 million tons / year. Industrial siding of tower colliery railroad builds youth of banner of standard pattern Er to also indicating catenary of industry of unifinication of coal circuit of Inner Mongolia of group of management of Pearl River investment " last kilometer " get through, catenary of industry of unifinication of adumbrative coal circuit shapes basically. Project of unifinication of river coal circuit is located in Neimengzhu Er of Inner Mongolia another name for Hubei province is much this churchyard of banner of Er of town accurate square, total investment makes an appointment with 40 billion yuan, include part of channel of industrial siding of the green tower colliery, factory that pick coal, railroad, jar power plant of railroad of carry station, accurate new moon, Zhu Jiaping, at present already accumulative total completes investment 28.8 billion yuan. Project of unifinication of circuit of Pearl River coal is cheated to began to build 2003 inside. End at present, railroad of green tower colliery, accurate new moon already built go into operation early or late, power plant of level ground of station of movement of jar channel market, Home Zhu also put into production of the end of the year.

        According to introducing, obtain area of judged scene of the travel that be not involuntary discharge of urine and education base to set an example play lead action, reveal through beginning the conduct propaganda is not involuntary discharge of urine of rich and colorful, drive blame involuntary discharge of urine to walk into an innumberable families, aid push article travel industry to achieve high quality progress in deepness confluence.

        As we have learned, this is the 5th batch of epidemic situation that this courtyard releases are prevented during accusing civil administration case.