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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        "Two paragraphs of admittance " it is to show to import content allow is carried leave and allow sale uses executive section admittance to superintend, namely " allow enters a country " can carry from entrance port directly after import content pay taxes from, after transferring destination, carry out by local custom again " qualification enters town " superintend. This exercise mode is carried out in importing goods to superintend conduce to reduce goods to be in port keep long in stock, reduce the storage cost that goods sluggish harbor produces and time cost.

        Li Baodong secretary-general emphasizes when issueing a report, epidemic situation the means with clinking clarity is vigilant the world, human life is in " earthly village " , no matter admit, the mankind has become destiny community in fact. The country can be without which before global challenge pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others. Forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle thinks from beginning to end, hold to multilateral creed only, strengthen international to cooperate, ability answers global challenge better.

        Come since this day on May 31, section of the local product austral Hunan of the 4th West Hunan and the commodity that help deficient up is exhibited will undertake farming special local product is tasted and culture originality product is on sale, peaceful peaceful characteristic is fastfood the spot samples, traditional craft and immaterial culture bequest are revealed, provide a network red tape goods is exclusive direct seeding arena, net of person energy of life is red will with ginseng exhibit a businessman to interact, recommend peaceful peaceful characteristic product.

        Beijing University learns to point out in, recently, be born in the light of this object the building causes network media to promote to ability of college student ego, the hot make peace that takes an examination of wind to study the issue such as education of discipline, student and domestic education is discussed, do academic unripe education to foster the job to have very good enlightenment further to the school. While the school is doing student of good care care as always, will take an examination of wind strictly to check record as always, strengthen student psychology dredge, teach management strictly, education has the eligible undergraduate of good and integrated quality.

        Zhan Jiang of center extensive network on June 3 message (Lishende of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) on June 3, reporter from Zhan Jiang maritime bureau learns, this bureau made the 6 big move that Hainan of service butt joint builds from trade harbor, be dedicated to ensuring safety of the transportation on water, aid economy of channel of Li Qiong city to take development and Hainan to be built from trade harbor.

        This activity advocate activity of field opening ceremony basically has: Performance " Feng Yan transplants rice seedlings gong and drum " ; Broadcast short of cultural relic Hui Min " Xiong Zhegui takes off deficient to write down " , spot of the delegate that take off deficient shares cultural relic to aid force to take off deficient story, reveal recommend farming by-product; Shaanxi saves cultural relic bureau to release resource of bequest of culture of mountain of the Qin Dynasty to survey gain; Adolescent of culture inheritance person represents performance scene play " I am national treasure Dai Yan " ; Shaanxi saves cultural relic bureau to give a book; Cultural relic of key of the 8th batch of whole nations protects terraced field of unit phoenix lasher to give a shop sign; Hold 2020 China " culture and natural heritage day " activity of Shaanxi province series starts a ceremony. Special still orchestrated relevant experience activity, include terraced fields to transplant rice seedlings, direct seeding of network of in good health local speciality takes money, hold " Hui Min of Shaanxi cultural relic, aid force to take off deficient picture to exhibit " , immigrant of lasher ancient terraced field gives birth to visiting Han Yinfeng voice museum.

        "Divine animal " people termed begins. (Tang Lei of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (Wang Chuntao of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) the reporter learns from Guangzhou city Huang Bu district, recently, conformity of special superintendency section optimizes custom of developing zone of yellow Bu area, Guangzhou the job gains new headway, guangzhou protects tax other people to shed garden area conformity to actor or actress integrated free tax zone obtains yellow Bu of melt into Guangzhou give an official of the State Council, open to the outside world the advantage will be highlighted further.

        Case of illness of diagnose of the input outside the condition 2: Xu is such-and-such, male, 32 years old, guangdong book, CA946 airliner passenger. When entering a country, detect temperature 36.8 ℃ , xi'an custom and Xi'an city nucleic acid detect the result all is masculine gender, bosom CT is unusual. Group of expert of classics city class diagnoses tegether, diagnose for new coronal pneumonic diagnose case of illness. Keep apart cure in the medical establishment that decide a dot at present.

        Fireman is coming to help in spot search (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Shanghai is located in forward position of reforming and opening, judicatory domain case of new-style, difficulty is opposite more, have advantage of better case resource and advantage of research natural resources. And area of place of procuratorate of Yang Pu area centered money of the Fudan University, university that be the same as aid, Shanghai to wait for natural resources of a batch of high grade schools greatly, also learn courtyard of law of criminal of university of case law seminar, Hua Dongzheng law to maintain good cooperation to concern with city law all the time; The collection of the study application that pays attention to case in the job and typical case is analysed, compile and print every year " typical case is chosen make up " , make hair bilk kind the procuratorial work white paper such as crime, poisonous category crime, some refus of limited company of conduction Shanghai A international trade, Liu does not pay labor pay record selected tall check courtyard judicatory of civilian battalion enterprise protects first experience typical case; With basic level courtyard " one courtyard is tasted " construction is chance, label its " one courtyard is tasted " declare a project, exert oneself drives this job to develop to depth. So, procuratorate of Yang Pu area establishs rate preexistence " base of check study of judicatory of mechanism of Shanghai procuratorial work " .

        Spot of popular science activity (Zheng Shu of center wide reporter is photographed)

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        Hefei of center extensive network on May 31 message (Yu Jianjun of reporter Wang Li's reporter) " 61 " the Children's Festival will come, hefei is special alarm 3 groups begin detachment with all one's strength " protect learn hillock " the job, stare at middle and primary school closely group of unripe, cheeper and receive send student car centrally time node, strengthen school periphery road to be on duty, ensure student transportation is safe, send for the student distinctive " 61 " Children's Festival safety is guarded.

        Card of mark of protection of Chinese traditional dorp saves housing by Yunnan the design style that according to housing ministry of urban and rural construction asks and standard measure integrate office of urban and rural construction make extend, will be in what visit 708 China traditional village completely will be finish to hang out one's shingle in the round before the bottom this year in December the job. Mark card besides showing this dorp enters the time that chooses Chinese tradition dorp, still have unique 2 dimension yard, the tourist sweeps a code to be able to enter museum of number of Chinese traditional dorp, products of culture of pattern of the historical the course of change and development that understands this China traditional dorp on the mobile phone, environment, traditional structure, folk-custom, cate and travel guide see wait for information.

        After old railway builds in, realize evening to send face to come to hopeful of Laos every phenomenon from Chinese Kunming, will strong aid promote development of society of economy of our country southwest.

        Wei Jiang still introduces, since 2016, whole town accumulative total decreases deficient thirty-eight thousand four hundred one hundred and ninety-four thousand six hundred person, 1127 impoverished villages are exited, 11 counties (area) implementation takes off deficient to pick a cap. Up to by 2019, whole town shares 669 various and of all kinds schools, 147 thousand person is amounted to in school student; Ginseng of insurance of provide for the aged of whole 2019 town, unemployed, inductrial injury protects four hundred and seventy-six thousand eight hundred person-time, ginseng of insurance of medical treatment of new-style country collaboration keeps a number 691 thousand person, labour force of move have more than needed one hundred and twenty-two thousand seven hundred person, post of development obtain employment 8300, increase town obtain employment newly 5153 people; Life of average per capita rises from 35.5 years old of 1950, happiness and benefit of the people's livelihood increases significantly, harmony of an economy prosperity, society, zoology the socialism of happiness of good, people Xin Changdou with brand-new appearance shows alive person before.

        Predict, near future Zhejiang basically has process of big range heavy rain, rainstorm twice, appeared in May respectively 29 dusks come 30 days, came 4 days in night on June 2. Among them millimeter of 40~80 of area of the north in short for Zhejiang Province of rainfall of 29-30 day accumulative total, local 100~150 millimeter.

        On April 23, the organization that makes illicit inning in province Public Security Department is harmonious below, guangzhou city public security bureau hits illicit detachment to add bureau of suppress smuggling of custom of substation of public security of the city zone, Huang Bu to begin jointly " hurricane 52 " blow aspic tastes smuggling case to centralize operation controlling a network, hunt down aspic to taste more than tons 4800, arrest guilty suspect 19 people.

        Since epidemic situation happening, focusing " favourable policy is fulfilled should give power, ' blame contact ' do duty to want to add force, data to serve overall situation to want to endeavor, epidemic situation is prevented accuse the job to want thrust augmentation " " 4 force " requirement, rolled out supportive epidemic situation to prevent early or late accuse " duty Wu 15 " with support answer of go back to work is produced " duty Wu 10 " wait for a series of benefit look forward to measure of warm look forward to, included support to medium and small businesses is exported and strengthen the multinomial act such as international taxation collaboration among them, create good policy environment for foreign trade enterprise.

        Harbor of battalion mouth river becomes northeast in 19 centuries middle period first port opening pier, let this city become northeast shipping center, content to shed center, banking center, also make battalion mouth person right " hub economy " zealous with clinging come down in one continuous line. The atmosphere gets after reforming and opening first, xiang Hai of battalion mouth face about, start city with harbor, opened northeast and capacious hinterland recent go to sea passageway. Suffer a country to carry a layer on the head to design a gift, battalion mouth is joined nearly 3 years from trade division alignment, build northeast and coastal exclusive and integrated free tax zone, assume other people of northeast and only port country to shed a key position construction, obtain batch cross condition cable business comprehensive test division, platform overlay becomes a system oneself, policy overlay releases bonus, the practice experience that expands hub economy is even more rich.

        2020 west lakes install the peak on all fronts to be able to save Internet information office, Zhejiang save economy and informatization hall, Zhejiang to save Public Security Department, Zhejiang to save government of people of city of communication management board, Hangzhou to sponsor by Zhejiang by sword · network, inc. of IT of Anheng of association of safety of system of information of computer of province of association of safety of space of network of province of river lab, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Hangzhou undertakes, city of Hangzhou city public security bureau, Hangzhou bank the combination such as government of river area people undertakes.

        Shenyang of center extensive network on June 9 message (reporter Xu Zhijiang) as on June 13 the whole nation " culture and natural heritage day " arrival, by Liaoning province culture acts art the group is sponsorred, center of protection of bequest of Liaoning province culture undertakes 2020 " culture and natural heritage day " immaterial culture bequest reveals Liaoning exhibit perform an activity, key activity will be begun centrally at the near future.

        After executing electronic passenger ticket, the passenger goes out to be in all right buy ticket, pull in to take a car, retreat change the link such as the autograph to will produce a few change.

        Case library railroad is the longest spot of lay a railway track of channel of golden hill of Sui A Er (center extensive network sends Mu Zhipeng to photograph)

        Up to on June 9, 2020 24 when, the person that report of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is affected without the symptom 2, in all keeping apart medicine to observe.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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