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        2020年06月25日 08:58:55


        2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        Seek high quality develops, besides should have hit " travel card " , take good transition route even.

        Chongqing of center extensive network on June 2 message (reporter Chen Peng) on June 2, 2020, chongqing and Shanghai sign agreement of strategic collaboration framework, will be in " wisdom environmental sanitation + solid useless resource is changed " the respect begins collaboration, share high grade resource, build infrastructure in all, advance economy of the Yangtse River to take public service unifinication jointly, high quality of industry of environmental sanitation of stimulative Chongqing, Shanghai develops.

        According to introducing, this second activity is passed " on the line + below the line " the form that combines undertakes. On the line by net of Tecent big short for Zhejiang Province " high in the clouds " begin conduct propaganda of this second blame involuntary discharge of urine to show an activity.

        Zhang Zhikui expresses, believe to be below the joint efforts of each area county, departmental door and social all circles, " a certain number of measure " each clear assignment is met certainly ground of one hundred percent falls to real point, investor of translate into foreign country is obtained really feeling.

        "In the season of bumper harvest of 9 big watermelon, it is important to carry district of integrated edge beach travel resource, build platform actively, develop the belt that countryside swims adequately to move action, pull move consumptive growth. " according to from area of beach of tribute city edge appoint clerical Huang Xuezhi introduces, current watermelon section holds to " the government is built stage, various participate in, masses is benefited " principle, will pass drive farming brigade confluence, value of produce of outspread industry catenary, promotion, widen add receive channel.

        In addition, yellow Bu area still will build the yellow Bu teenager that the whole nation gives priority to a problem first times with constabulary culture alarm school theme park, discipline of the patriotic and consecratory idea that develops adolescent, abide by is abide by the law consciousness, scrupulously and respectfully fulfil his duty to defend spirit, strengthen emergency viability to take exercise, make with new era " maple bridge experience " suit, the police that has Huang Bu distinguishing feature is communal relation.

        It is reported, hangzhou already rolled carry out four-wheel the undergraduate does poineering work 3 years action plan, since this year, capture " hind the peak is met, asia Game, modern " historical good luck period, come on stage in time " Hangzhou 3 years to poineering innovation of prospective · undergraduate the action plans (2020, 2022) " and " policy of 10 pieplant gold " , release bonus of undergraduate poineering policy further, exert oneself compose builds policy, talent, platform, capital and environment " 5 an organic whole " " double achieve " zoology system, make an undergraduate with all one's strength " double achieve " upgrade edition, these are Hangzhou undergraduate " double start day " roll out laid a foundation.

        This mark is worn Chongqing already had whole technological process of silicon smooth domain own technology engineering capability, begin to offer silicon smooth chip to shed a service and design of photoelectricity design automation to serve to the whole world.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (Li Changda of Wang Wei of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) the reporter learns from Guangdong province Public Security Department, mechanism of Guangdong province public security is developed adequately this year " wisdom is new alarm Wu " action of high-tech, informatization, deepen big data intelligence to turn construction application, complete alarm arouse, complete alarm hit out, puissant begin " hurricane 2020 " special operation, obtain initial effect. 1 to April, complete province is organized in all initiate " hurricane " group campaign 67, arrest guilty suspect successfully 3700 more than person, capital of case of the experience that check aspic more than yuan 100 million, uncover case of of all kinds criminal a batch, drive put on record of complete province criminal, criminal effectively alarm affection, public security alarm mutual affection does not drop compared to the same period 2.57% , 5.38% , 27.51% , the safe feeling of cogent promotion people and satisfaction are spent.

        Qingdao city Wei Jian appoint warn broad citizen, once appear the symptom such as infection of calorific, respiratory tract, adorn please good guaze mask, heat up outpatient service or consulting room of calorific chirp dot in time to see a doctor to the hair of nearby, the inside before telling a doctor actively to come on please 14 days reside abroad when seeing a doctor history, birds kind with wild animal osculatory history, similar case is contacted history etc.

        Xining child Li Zhuoran says: "I feel giant panda eats bamboo particularly lovely, particularly glad today. Particularly glad today..

        As we have learned, as 2020 Hangzhou city " culture and natural heritage day " one of series activities, this second activity travels by wide report of Hangzhou city culture government of people of county of cottage of bureau, tung is sponsorred.

        According to introducing, activity of this second bequest day is used " the linkage below the line on the line " " historical bequest is contemporary photograph be in harmony " " bequest community is interactive " means, undertook direct seeding, network connects line and entire media promotion many a little bit, hangzhou history culture photograph of outstanding gene and new technology, new pattern is united in wedlock, arouse bequest life vitality, arteries and veins of root of inheritance Hangzhou culture, drive bequest to blend in modern life, let bequest develop gain benefit and more people.

        Underground builds parking lot of content, underground, subway, sink macula of channel of type crossroads, underground, culvert, easy waterlogged dot, waterlogging is during rainfall should fulfil 24 hours of person specially assigned for a task or job nurse measure, establish caution label, fulfil safe canal to control liability, inspect condition beforehand team of buy catchment prevent waterlogging and equipment.

        A few days ago, already lawfully criminal detains 52 people, the case is being dug greatly further in examining.

        2020, shaanxi is various the court will continue to advance base is accepted in the case bigger, especially south the short for Shaanxi Province that environmental resource case centers, the professional adjudgement group that the basic level court such as North Shaanxi establishs case of cognizance environment resource or collegiate bench. The adjudgement force that urges key area, catchment actively is devoted, exploration establishs court of zoology environmental protection in zoology groove guard. With environmental resource adjudgement is grasper, improve to drive air quality to last, ensure " a clear water is sustainable on north " , canal of aggrandizement soil contamination accuses and repair, had hit dozen win water of blue sky, green jade, Sukhavati to guard battle to provide strong judicatory service and safeguard.

        2 quadrangle classics tries Hainan think, wang Mou, Liu Mou, Wang Mou the 5 regulations that violate law of mineral products resource, placer deposit of exploitation of do sth without authorization falls in the condition that did not obtain mining license, cause mineral products resource to destroy value to be two hundred and sixty-three thousand seven hundred and ninety yuan, the clue is serious, the behavior of 3 people already made illegal mining crime. 2 quadrangle make Hainan first instance court decision, the 3 average per capita such as Wang Mou commit illegal mining crime, sentence 6 months to come 1 year the set term of imprisonment that 2 months differ, be in 5000 yuan of fine that differ to 20 thousand yuan, among them Wang Mou 5 probation 1 year; At the same time lawfully the illegal earning of Wang Mou of pursue and wipe out, Liu Mou.

        After pilgrim ceremony, pen of golden front courtyard was held before book Temple of God meeting activity. Numerous calligrapher and calligraphy lover splash-ink wield his writing brush, meet with the pen friendly, created a lot of outstanding calligraphy work enthusiasticly.

        "E enjoys the home " it is by national electrified wire netting the company is rolled out, firm of network cable merchant builds the nation the business of cable of the sources of energy of operation is new retail platform, focusing is broad and urban and rural dweller domesticity, offer product of intelligent home appliance for consumer, already had the store on 15 provincial lines at present. "Store of treasure of peaceful wave report " it is line of class of first ground city come inn, at present 15 suppliers are entered halt, already went up a report of high-quality goods hutch, intelligence is life of Wei Yu, character, dynamoelectric go out to wait for 4 kinds big all right 52 kinds of products.

        Institute of science of animal of college of Hua Na agriculture was finished recently " the cloud closes according to " make, the picture that presents finally not only came true " also cannot little " , still be full of the professional characteristic of agricultural college. It is reported, this institute is answered considering the graduate outside the province of the half school one time not easy, to get used to epidemic prevention new condition and demand of contented group photo, the institute established graduation to be made technically according to design group a few days ago " cloud graduation is illuminated " .

        On May 31 - on June 6, shanxi saves average fall to be 0.9 millimeter completely, with all the year round the corresponding period (11.9 millimeter) slant little 9 into; Save average air temperature to be 23.8 ℃ completely, with all the year round the corresponding period (20.6 ℃ ) on the high side 3.2 ℃ . 3-6 day Shanxi appeared high temperature weather, southern greater part and upper ministry distribute land in the area has 75 counties (city, area) highest air temperature is in 35 ℃ above, among them, have 32 counties (city, area) more than 37 ℃ .

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 7 message (reporter Lei Kai) Shaanxi saves wholesome health appoint today (7 days) bulletin: On June 6, 2020 8 when to on June 7 8 when, shaanxi adds new coronal of the input outside the condition newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness 2, the person that add the input outside the condition newly to be affected without the symptom 1, the person that save segregation to be contacted closely completely currently 160 people.

        On May 31 before dawn at 1 o'clock half, 31 days in the morning at 9 o'clock half, boat of an organic whole is begun build float to carry channel is reached change carry of float of area radical chamfer to imitating test. Heavy canal of laurel hill island is prefab factory space is deep in water area of installation of passageway heavy canal makes an appointment with 50 kilometers, ship of China's most busy channel lonely harbor is passed in road. To reduce the burden drilling effect to relevant section, project ministry chose actual float to carry prefab factory reachs harbor bead in channel bay the part of the about 6.5 kilometers between big bridge regards an experiment as maritime space, need according to drilling, department of interest expenditures eye is own of research and development new-style measure control a system, the channel of will different level and change area radical to groove " carry " to drilling area, achieve result of full course drilling.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (reporter Zhang Shengjiang) 2 days morning, guangzhou holds business association two meetings represent civilian battalion company informal discussion, just return spic before long everybody mentioned what this ginseng meets to experience in succession on behalf of committee members with the result.

        A city had the temperature of culture, ability join associate with and future.

        The importer that collected Chinese major, agent, jobber is exhibited to wait on the cloud of all kinds purchase a company, implementation business information is released, ask dish negotiate, the function such as order memory, flow will trade to transfer below the line to high in the clouds, implementation purchases systematization of digitlization, order government, devote oneself to to break the information barrier that business and home exhibit to purchase business outside the condition, assist travelling merchant to develop the business on the line.

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter Liu Tao) today (8 days) afternoon, economy of 2020 China number casts financing " Yun Lu acts " the activity is held in Chengdu. Suffer epidemic situation effect, the activity adopts the kind that ties with the photograph below the line on the line to undertake.

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