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        Release time:2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        As we have learned, up to the Shanxi end May 2020 gross of main body of complete province market amounts to 2.694 million, individual and industrial and commercial door the amount achieves 1.866 million, the main force that becomes Shanxi to save economic society to develop and the important channel that induct obtain employment, enlarging obtain employment, increase income, improvement the respect such as the people's livelihood, stimulative stability produced positive effect. Get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, small small company and individual and industrial and commercial door management development is facing a lot of difficulty, findings shows, financing is difficult become a when affect small small company to grow currently main bottleneck. Guo Xinan of 2 class floorwalker emphasizes superintendency bureau of Shanxi province market, "One billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight send borrow " the activity will be shared through advancing information, innovation financing product, build a service carrier, optimize service means to wait to deepen the strategy to cooperate in the round, make the market superintend mail new platform of collaboration of Chu Rong endowment, aim dredge finance enters medium of communication of small small company, alleviate financing of small small company channel of difficult, financing cost of narrow, financing risk of tall, financing is big wait for a problem.

        In recent years, general Er city around large quantities of brand, standardization, character, quantities, consequence -- " 5 element " , with the name hill well-known tea enters the mouth to cut, innovation leads, advance construction steadily construction of standard of high grade base, aggrandizement, model well-known trademark, cultivate bibcock industry, main and polished Pu'er tea " gold-lettered signboard " . In Yunnan the province took the lead in carrying out system of date from of quality of brand of renown hill Pu'er tea to build the job 2016, through " unified brand, uniform standard, unified detect, unified monitoring, unified label " , exert oneself compose builds alliance to be for main body, standard lead, production but the quality that date from is safeguard superintends a system, exploration went out " have a label, have a level, have detect, have monitoring, can identify, can inquire, but date from, dependable " system of date from of Pu'er tea quality, roll out Jing Maishan, Pu Er successfully date of 1000 hill, phoenix hill, boundless hill, Jing Gushan, stockaded village, Jiangchen " 7 counties 7 hill " product of brand of renown hill Pu'er tea. On this foundation, general Er city pays close attention to a key around consumer, outstanding producing area traces to the source crucial link, innovation train of thought, farther upgrade mode, according to " fountainhead but go against the river, whereaboutldirection can be chased after, the risk can accuse, responsibility but investigate, the public can be checked, the society is treated in all " target, will technology of area piece catenary and confluence of deepness of date from system, in March 2020 construction finished Yunnan to save character of Pu'er tea of type of the first setting platform of date from of area piece catenary.

        Spot of popular science activity (Zheng Shu of center wide reporter is photographed)

        The program performs occurrence field. (center extensive network sends old Yan to photograph)

        For the reduces epidemic situation to be caused to the enterprise effect of utmost, help enterprise overshoots difficulty, integrated free tax zone is in charge of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting appoint can establish many working party, adopt " man-to-man, one look forward to one plan " the difficult problem that means solves the enterprise inside the area to encounter. This year 1 to in April, forehead of foreign trade of accumulative total of integrated free tax zone amounts to assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting one hundred and seventy-eight million six hundred and fifty thousand yuan, grow 12.16 compared to the same period times.

        Deputy field of forestry centre of Xining city west hill grows Ye fragrant fragrant introduction: "Hill does south and inspect manage undertakes instructor via often coming to our spot, guard a pass to what nursery stock has quality, for instance height of earthy ball, nursery stock, whether can achieve norms and requirement, to at present soil preparation of our early days is finished basically, nursery stock is cultivated already cultivated 90% . Nursery stock is cultivated already cultivated 90% ..

        Additional as we have learned, developing judicatory help somebody in danger or difficulty is procuratorial work mechanism fulfils judicatory to be civilian significant move, it is to resolve masses difficulty, dissolve social contradiction, safeguard the significant step with stable society. Mechanism of Guangdong procuratorial work is judicatory deliverance as judicatory civilian surely answering question, reasonable to having appeal to beg but through litigant way experience of inextricability specific experience law accuses the letter seeks a person, want to accord with judicatory deliverance condition only, give minister, resolve real difficulty. 2019, mechanism of complete province procuratorial work handles case of deliverance of national administration of justice in all 517, extend to 857 people gold of deliverance of national administration of justice twenty-one million four hundred and seventy-seven thousand yuan, number of deliverance case amount, deliverance and deliverance amount rank countrywide front row continuously since 2017.

        Industry of carry city fruit grows central director Pan Jianzu to say, now fruit grower people must want to be on quality make an issue of, must want to go after new breed, high quality, ability gets used to the demand of the market, we are in to climb the crucial period that slope pits too now.


        Taiyuan of center extensive network on June 10 message (reporter He Wei is connected) the reporter understands from substation of Jin Yuan of Taiyuan city public security bureau, a few days ago, taiyuan police uncovers advance of over or across, comfort, another name for Guangdong Province one case gang of crime of bilk of network of telecommunication of especially big series, end drops gang of certificate of office of state of a business, activity of crime of network of 6 helps information and the guilty gang that wash money for platform of the gamble outside the condition, arrest guilty suspect in all 34 people, freeze bank account 919, frozen capital more than yuan twenty-one million one hundred and forty-nine thousand.

        Qinghai " invite applications for a job of network of 100 days of ten million is special the action " rely on date of public of network of Qinghai talent market, small letter, small letter group, QQ group wait for a variety of channel, develop activity of invite applications for a job of the network on the line continuously. Since the activity was begun on March 20, online already on began in the light of the obtain employment such as graduate of poor able-bodied person, college, disabled the group is mixed aid turn a company answer of go back to work is produced, in strengthening cooperation of thing department service, service small the invite applications for a job of 18 special performance such as civilian battalion enterprise is met, accumulative total releases what unit of person of 2663 family expenses offers to make an appointment with fifty-one thousand five hundred post, strong promoted urban and rural and of all kinds laborer to realize obtain employment.

        It is reported, this second conference sets Beijing, Harbin in all 2 advocate assembly room and 74 branch field, come from China to weigh group limited company, China mining industry of Long Mei of limited company of group of engineering of limited company of 5 mine group, China railroad, Heilongjiang accuses 5 central enterprises such as a group, haing drug group, Heilongjiang the province belongs to enterprise, Harbin the delegate that city belongs to an enterprise around meeting theme. Enterprise representing express in succession, revitalizing Long Jiang is the responsibility with obligatory enterprise, each just will be entered in all hand in hand, it is a place hard catenary of firm economy, certain property, steady obtain employment, maintain growth, protect the people's livelihood to add a brick to add tile, to expand Longjiang revitalizes new kinetic energy to contribute force.

           "Classification is superintended " new pattern, aid push Dalian piece area investment liberalizes

        Ning Bo with international boat hill harbor is top-ranking strong Gang Ningbo rely on, play crosses condition report business and supply chain industry dominant position, grab at the same time catch bring into Zhejiang to could there be from trade division the good luck of area of wave linkage innovation, advance deep " 225 " foreign trade double -727379968 actions, pattern of active exploration trade innovates, peaceful wave free tax zone is being advanced with all one's strength all-around Gao Shuiping is open, make a system model, regulation high-energy class opens new upland, strive for build international top-ranking country of area of area of function of strong harbor core, innovation of free trade system, service opens area of strategic go ahead of the rest, advance construction of center of new-style international trade in the round.

        According to Guangzhou city industry calm dot is monitored show, up to this year on May 15, 1709 decide a dot to monitor number of enterprise on guard to be four hundred and eighty-four thousand seven hundred person with labour, than April the bottom adds 47 thousand person, amplitude exceeds 10% . April, whole town town adds annulus of obtain employment number newly to be close to than rising 50% , circumstances of Guangzhou city obtain employment appears accelerate look forward to firm to good trend.

        Guangdong tall courtyard expresses about chief, complete province court will be carried out further implement new development concept, insist to use the strictest the closest law to protect zoology environment, advance environmental resource adjudgement to specialization deep construction, win battle of assault fortified positions of contaminative prevention and cure to hit, advance construction of the law Guangdong of higher level, beautiful Guangdong, provide more strong judicatory service and safeguard.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 18 message (reporter Lei Kai) news of Shaanxi province government does today (18 days) hold a news briefing, released " Shaanxi saves space of zoology of the Huanghe valley to administer 10 big moves " . Shaanxi saves Dang Shuangren of forestry bureau director to express, shaanxi will begin diversity of biology of the Huanghe valley to protect the operation, renown wood begins the ginkgo of establish of hand of Zhi Bai of yellow emperor hand, father Gushu that has important history value and commemorative sense regularly healthy check-up.

        Hall of province irrigation works maintains lash-up of class of Ⅳ of irrigation works flood prevention to answer. Storage capacity of rise high into the air of project of Le Changxia key water control project 13.04 million stere; Fly gorge storage capacity of rise high into the air of project of key water control project two hundred and twenty-two million three hundred and fifty thousand stere. Branch of hydrology of requirement of hall of province irrigation works continues to add close water rainfall to monitor business of forecast peace conference to grind sentence, continue river of dynamic monitoring river goes big state, far to Qing Dynasty, Shenzhen, beautiful closes the focal point, the city river such as benefit city, river source undertakes risk canal accuses; Associated city county two class irrigation works (water Wu) sectional science attempers 100 much Zong Dazhong reservoir bar big store floodwater; Organization only class key is stared at prevent the reservoir with higher water level to run a condition, deal with early-warning of mountain torrents calamity 19, give out early-warning information to exceed 2100 to responsibility person; Impose even the kind such as line, phone through video close selective examination superintend and director guides get influence area irrigation works (water Wu) the branch is on duty the value is defended, ensure reservoir safety spends flood.

        Lhasa of center extensive network on June 6 message (reporter Pubuciren Wang Yu of Bo Peng of reporter of learn on job) reporter yesterday (5 days) do held prosperous to be liberated 70 years from news of government of the Xizang Autonomous Region economic society progress learns on achievement press conference, prosperous liberates 70 years to come, economic progress accomplishs brilliant. Total output value of whole town place finished prosperous 2019 twenty-two billion and ninety-six million yuan, was 1958 539 times 41 million yuan; Rural dweller average per capita can control income to achieve 11545 yuan, town dweller average per capita can control income to achieve 32650 yuan.

        In view of the first round consumptive certificate extends action echo is good. The branch such as center of information of department of propaganda of bureau of city business affairs, municipal Party committee, city is organized again extend new round of amount spends 30 million yuan dweller to consume certificate, at the same time government of requirement the city zone is arranged not the finance capital under 1 million yuan, in limits of this area under administration the organization extends the dweller consumes certificate, form linkage effect.

        Xining of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Liu Zegeng) the reporter saves zoology environment hall 28 days to learn from Qinghai, qinghai province planned as a whole 2019 position risk trash is used integratedly reach trash of social source danger to collect establishment construction centrally, deal with ability achieves 1.53 million tons / year, satisfy complete province need basically.

        The characteristic with cherry the biggest this year season is course much, the flight number is concentrated. Besides the charter flight of a scheduled service with suitable abundant original aviation, abundant aviation is arranged to add 9 private plane newly again during cherry season this year, safeguard type is given priority to with 757/767, together with is postal aviation 2 freight private plane, company of Dalian airport freight ensures total cargo aircraft everyday 11 sortie, cherry airliner open mode of 24 hours of non-stop flight to.

        Litchi exit involves aptitude to register, the risk is prevented accuse, exit is declared wait for many link. After understanding business demand, shenzhen custom produces custom function and technical advantage actively, establish a side to support a group, begin warm heart to aid an Agriculture Bank to move: The quarantine that collects exit country in time detects trends and newest policy information, explain the policy code that reads litchi exit and exit technological process for enterprise announce, answer doubt dispels doubts, broom blind area, enhance an enterprise to export confidence independently; Quantity body is custom-built the side supports plan, build " be of one mind assist Li " network group group, pass video, long-range cloud coachs the enterprise completes plant area construction, perfect agronomic management and quality management system, fill what neat exit needs " software " " hardware " ; "VIP " orchard of the exit of company of guidance of type whole journey that finish and of the factory that pack register register, application data is followed hand in along with careful, help 10 orchards and 2 processing factories take door going abroad quickly " entrance ticket " ; Direct company is passed " onefold window " refer exit place to need to declare a data, "0 do legwork " deal with smoothly declare formalities.

        The ceremonially that start, big market of northeast science and technology and wisdom couplet invite applications for a job sign strategic cooperation agreement, both sides proposes common form zoology of innovation of Liaoning skilled personnel to encircle, breed mutiple level talent ecosystem.

        Current, liaoning inputs diagnose case of illness outside condition of report of complete province accumulative total 21, cure entirely leave hospital; Case of illness of diagnose of mainland of report of complete province accumulative total 128, cure leave hospital 126, die 2.

        The case inside the channel with the located personnel that be stranded is very complex, rescuing difficulty is particularly great, rescuing team assembles from each rescuing equipment, organize keen-witted and capable rescuing force main assault fortified positions, make according to science " little section, draw out lane " and " advance little rate of progress, entire section, strong timbering, firmly " plan, scientific assign gathers up broken bits machine slag car of 2 stage, carry 4 stage, fork-lift truck 1 stage, grab 1, major rescuing team group of 2 31 people, construction 3 44 people, avoiding to break down collapse while undertake in rotation works 24 hours, get through rescuing passageway.