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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        Center extensive network Huhhot on June 15 message (reporter Zheng Ying's reporter plum rain) 2 even custom June 13 in the morning 10 when finish railroad of condition of pass in and out smoothly to carry manifest of tool management system, railroad to run a system (abbreviation " two systems " ) on the line runs the job, afterwards of bank of the 2 crossing that connect iron is full continent in railroad port epigenesis is the whole nation the 2nd goes up line " two systems " port, this also indicates the line on the whole area of an informatization of manifest of port of railroad of Inner Mongolia churchyard moves, the Oubanlie in be safeguard is connected quickly close and move normally build case " high speed road " , shut the port with optimize environment of port battalion business to have very speed, principal continuously to accelerating goods of condition of port pass in and out to connect. In checking a process, 2 finish even custom smoothly finish the Nuomotong in be opposite 50 cars import trade limited company 50 batches the carriage tool of iron concentrate is entered into condition schedule, carriage tool condition sign up for an electron truly data, connect into examine and verify of add up of declaration form of condition carriage tool, primitive manifest, primitive manifest, go up formally for next systems the line runs ready-made.

        Railroad train manifest is the detailed account of paper carry cargo that railroad train controller or the true, accurate report that its agent is handed over to custom or transmit carry condition of content of tool place carry cargo, article or electronic data. Of new manifest system go up line, deal with to the enterprise business and connect the promotion that involves efficiency to produce positive effect. "We should take a lot of bill previously, run several branches affix one's seal, we need to offer electronic application through computer only now, never leave home to be able to conduct relevant business, for us the company is little do legwork, efficiency promotes greatly. " in Fu Zhihui of the member that trade limited company declares at customs expresses Nuomotong.

        This advocate match of culture of contest of field ESP report experiences a center hand in hand the settle of KPL of issue of large cable competition that year outlook surpasses a quantity to exceed 18 billion Shanghai Pu Tuo, surpass discharge to join country through view of contest of the report below the line on the line operation of transmission of advanced match technology, content, business support with all possible means, will provide the professional service that has specific aim more for the match not only, what provide experience of culture of the recreation below contest of the view on shirt-sleeve line and line for the audience is brand-new experience, return the discharge below the line on line of will sufficient get through, make bid of ground of electric contest culture further, introduce culture of contest of report of level of electric contest museum, state to exhibit the activity of electric contest culture that waits for a variety of forms, and move free, the movie and TV tide culture activity that is liked by the youth, combine the culture property of electric contest culture and other youth love to see and hear adequately, apply the physical space characteristic of project oneself, the commercial pattern with burgeoning hatch and style industry condition, make a center of distinctive business culture.

        Xi'an of center extensive network on May 29 message (reporter Lei Kai) Shaanxi province sanitation is healthy appoint, province civilization does, province market supervisory management board combined print and distribute recently " Shaanxi saves guideline of civilized repast health " , pursue the dietary kind of environmental protection of contracted and measurable, green, healthy civilization further, guide repast of masses health civilization.

        As we have learned, 2019, chongqing city " double total river is long " sign and issue the 1st total river to grow your, sewage is begun to steal platoon, straight platoon, chaos to discharge special punish action in Chongqing deploy, more than seventeen thousand five hundred river is long reach departmental door, each unit to hear make and move, check punish through the platoon a batch, exposure hits a batch, sewage of effective keep within limits discharges random seniority to be secretly, water environment quality promotes significantly. Wu Chenghai introduces, 2 total rivers grow your requirement taller, limits wider, task is heavier. Basically occupy around chaos of sewage chaos platoon, water front, wadi chaos proposes an issue, divide comprehensive platoon to check, puissant punish, standard manages 3 phase to begin " 3 chaos " special punish acts, made clear specific time. To the end of 2020, chaos of sewage chaos platoon, water front is occupied, wadi chaos builds special punish action to obtain remarkable result, the problem that put an amount is finished basically clear punish, break the law violate compasses behavior to get comprehensive keep within limits, lasting effect mechanism is built effectively, clean clean of basic implementation water quality, wadi the target of cleanness of side of neat, river.

        For farther convenient blood donor, management center of blood of early days the Anhui province has organized 22 first pilot hospitals relevant Training Within Industry, these 22 hospitals begin to carry out blood donor formally today the clinical charge that use blood leaves hospital derate of direct blood cost works, the other and all hospital that use blood wants in August the bottom is carried out entirely, accomplish " a window is accepted, one-time inform, one-stop service " , cogent rise donate blood service level.

        Liu Mei is beautiful

         Place 4: Explore " underwater forest "

        In process of car drive a vehicle carry out car strictly ventilated requirement, the second half part of open scuttle, whole journey of drive a vehicle not open air conditioning. Additional, crisscross needs to take a seat after the car on the passenger, two seats allow one person seating only, the passenger of the back row before the left and right sides needs to stagger take a seat. Passenger station still arrives at the car of Pudong airport to execute strict disinfection to each times, the passenger is measured lukewarm close compasses give a station.

        It is reported, seize a town to grab major strategy good luck, construction has the group of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment of international competition ability and industrial function area more, the Chengdu City area of bright and beautiful river around attract of project of high-energy class industry, it is core with major project, begin global collaboration energetically, deepen ceaselessly " river of investment Chengdu, first selection bright and beautiful " consensus. Since this year, area of bright and beautiful river already signed investment agreement with 34 enterprises or orgnaization, the autograph makes an appointment with investment to amount to 42.8 billion yuan. This the volume be the lucky number of 10 major projects is made an appointment with, will make the group of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment that has international competition ability more for bright and beautiful river, implementation high quality develops the driving kinetic energy with new infuse.

        "Divine animal " people termed begins. (Tang Lei of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        Case 5: The case of forest of Gao Jialin denudation that carriage court of in good health railroad hears.

        According to statistic, this year 1-5 month, via Shenzhen port exit fruit is defeated by past country and area by 18 of the corresponding period increased 22 last year, extended the Wukelan, Albania, market such as Nigeria successfully, exit fruit achieves 140 thousand tons, money worth amounts to 1.7 billion yuan.

        Current, be the crucial period that our country accelerates powerful nation of construction liaison man. The deepness confluence that carries as the contemporary IT such as 5G, artificial intelligence and traffic develops, intelligent shipping makes the inevitable trend that shipping develops, make the point of important hair force that traffic powerful nation builds.

        After amputation comes home, the first problem that face is to have a meal. This is for the ordinary person, get usually cannot again common problem, unusual hardships is however over there batman, also be the bank that the Sun Xiaobing after losing double arm must cross. At first in 9 months time, feed by parents, but this always is not long plan, the batman of catastrophe of all previous classics, decide adamancy faces the life.

        Enter to the small wind danger zone of key area rash the member that return Lu Ren undertakes health monitor. To there is area of low risk of area of epidemic situation key since May 30 of reside abroad history into rash the member that return Lu Ren undertakes feeling discharging registering, in rash accommodation, undertake at arriving at nucleic acid detects 1 times that day; Do not lodge, the individual does good ego health to monitor, once appear the doubtful symptom such as calorific, cough, diarrhoea, report instantly and platoon of go to a doctor is checked. Strengthen epidemic situation to monitor report with information. Each city should pay close attention to posture of key area epidemic situation closely, save according to me " the area of epidemic situation key such as medium, high risk flows into personnel platoon to check with administrative work program " management of the member that do good person, aggrandizement community reseau turns management, guide relevant personnel to report actively to place unit or community, ensure do not leak one person. Implement news report system strictly, discover epidemic situation 2 hours 12 hours of report, nucleic acid that finish detect, 24 hours are finished circulate air, put an end to late newspaper, fail to report sth stoutly, hide the truth from a newspaper.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on May 28 message (Zhao Xuefeng of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) fulfil Guangdong provincial Party committee to carry out 12 4 second plenary meeting put forward to build 10 thousand decision-making deploy of Li Bidao, time Yu area is pressed " 1+3+3 " total position, compose builds person water harmony, time the system of green jade road of Yu characteristic.

        City of another name for Jiangxi Province of center extensive network on June 9 message (Zhu Haipeng of reporter Xie Yuansen's reporter) suffer continuously strong precipitation influence, water level of river of south much ground rises. 8 days 9 when, the hill hydroelectric station that Jiangxi visits mountain of door of skin of the bamboo of county of meeting prosperous of city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province to press down Yang Ziyan is opening brake flood discharge. Good to do flood prevention or control works, branch of local irrigation works checks processing through beginning hidden trouble to discharge, strengthen drilling of flood prevention lash-up, open brake to vacate storage capacity, 24 one hour value ahead of schedule class value is defended wait for measure, ensure safety spends flood.

        Get controlling as epidemic situation of near future our country, economy moves to enter the right path gradually, how be stabilized and promote the obtain employment, consumption that help strength fast get warm again after a cold spell becomes urgent matter. It is reported, here setting falls, wagon flow of steam of province of hall of Heibei province business affairs, Heibei connected the branch such as association and relevant enterprise to be held jointly this year first with " car go to the countryside " the activity that gives priority to a problem.


        "An unmanned aircraft can finish 50 mus work area one day, not only efficiency is tall, and exercise standardization, program is changed, quality is stabler, platform of cloud of the earth after combining wisdom agriculture in the future applies on the saline land of large area, the advantage will be more clear. " the Wang Yafei that is in charge of base of mount a horse cultivating management says. According to introducing, in city this world base of mount a horse will make 10 thousand mus of saline land paddy make this year improved and wisdom agriculture demonstrative base, will make the same score the demonstrative application of the new generation IT such as net of couplet of computation of the soft hardware such as the stage and big data, cloud, content through agricultural intelligence chip, cloud, advance " saline land is improved + wisdom agriculture " mode is made, arouse briny rice entire industry to set an example.

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (Chen Yumin of Ouyang Jijun of reporter Zheng Shu's reporter) recently, guangzhou time Yu police uncovers case of bilk of a campus, seize experience case personnel 4, experience record amount more than 1000 yuan 6.

        In addition, environmental protection performance is high, can reclaiming is steel structure architectural another advantage. "This project is after lifecycle end, these building steel products still can reclaim again use. " Liu Zhigang says, current, steel structure builds a system to already entered the Five Dynasties, apply extensively at the many domains such as room of the residence, hospital, school, large bridge, safeguard. In recent years, the country puts forward to develop energetically assemble type construction. According to Shandong the province assembles type to build development program, to 2025, assemble type to build scale to want to occupy complete province to build a structure proportional 40% above. relatively at other assemble type construction, steel structure assembles type to build foreground capacious.

        Deep in factory of wisdom of passageway heavy canal (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Allowed to uncover in relief city in April 2011 on the west secretary of county Party committee, head of a county

        According to statistic, city of 1-4 month Guangzhou had 2020 declare at customs the enterprise of exit in all more than 8000, among them exit arrives " one belt all the way " the company of country of along the line is close 5000. Coach definitely to offer choice to export business, begin deep " Yun Fu guides " , choose a company definitely through big data essence, promotion " only door " coach, help export business should be enjoyed enjoy quickly, had used with policy of sufficient revenue privilege, duty Wu " spring breeze " blow " one belt all the way " , escort the Emperor for the enterprise convoy.

        Worker of site of construction of railroad of Beijing the Tang Dynasty is undertaking construction of pier reinforcing steel bar ends extensive network sends Wang Zhida to photograph

        Week of activity of the 2nd qualified personnel of luxuriant name city pulled open heavy curtain 2020 (a surname of hair of center extensive network is photographed firmly)

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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