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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        2020年06月25日 08:58:55

        Up to this year in May, mobile user number achieves Ningxia 5 million, occupy industry proportion to exceed 58% ; 4G radical station counts more than 19 thousand, occupy the 50% above of trade number, 5G radical station already opened 1400, 60% what hold industry sum total; Fiber-optic cover domestic household 3.27 million, enclothe integratedly rate achieve 95% above, covering power develops littoral more than area. Municipality " double start a plan " since carrying out, fine enclothes light of space of floor of Ningxia shift special railway line rate achieve 100% , the network connects Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Hangzhou continuously 5 backbones node, exit bandwidth exceeds 3.34T, occupy industry Internet to export bandwidth proportion 60% the left and right sides; Build garden of finance of halfback, Yinchuan the data center of class A of class of two 5 stars, GB, gross area amounts to 56 thousand square metre, have 20 thousand frame mandatory ability, among them halfback data center is labelled cloud of national electron government affairs western node, it is system of cloud of national government administration one of dots of 4 political integrity, also be our country covers shoot of northwest, spoke inferior digital the Silk Road is important node.

        Case 6: The procuratorate of people of 3 former counties that courtyard of civil code of person of 3 former counties tries accuses 3 former counties are large case of legal duty of nonperformance of government office of Chengzhen's person civil administration.

        Save 183 counties completely (city, area) it is low risk area entirely.

        Up to on June 4 24 when, the person that accumulative total traces intimate contact 25140 people, already removed medicine watchs 25028 people, still 112 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        City of lake of center extensive network on June 11 message (Che Haifen of Fan Yuting's reporter just thinks of Wei Wei of Zhang Guoliang of reporter Wang Guishan exemplary) " the home is the smallest country, the country is ten million home. " domestic wind, it is the code of conduct that a person establishs to conduct oneself in society personally, it is the mental power with an inherent family, it is the cornerstone with stable harmony of a society more.

        Current, liaoning inputs diagnose case of illness outside condition of report of complete province accumulative total 21, cure entirely leave hospital; Case of illness of diagnose of mainland of report of complete province accumulative total 130, cure leave hospital 126, die 2, 2 are treated in the courtyard.

           Administer through lasting for years, water quality of pool of another name for Yunnan Province is stable to good. Annual was mixed 2019 2020 first quarter, water quality of complete lake of pool of another name for Yunnan Province continues to maintain Ⅳ kind. Stabilize except water quality to good outside, diversity of biology of pool of another name for Yunnan Province restores apparent. Among them, species of plant of lakeside wet ground increases 290 kinds, fish achieves 23 kinds, avian achieve 140 a variety of.

        Case 5: The case of forest of Gao Jialin denudation that carriage court of in good health railroad hears.

        All previous peak can be harvested quite abundant, "Bo Juxiang hill " bring ability to come again

        According to " 10 names are tasted " regulation of selection government measure, yunnan will wait for green food from material of tea, flowers, vegetable, fruit and nut, Chinese traditional medicine this year in industry of 6 big focal points, judge piece " 10 names tea " " 10 names are beautiful " " 10 names dish " " 10 names fruit " and " 10 names crude drug " .

        Since today,

        Existing folk-custom travel recieves small Zhuang Cun door 90, occupy total 56% of a number, the labour force of 95% is engaged in whole village travel is recieved reach relevant service. 2019, income of economy of village of small place of business amounts to 9.8 million yuan, net income of villager average per capita is 15216 yuan.

        Right direct from Jiang He, laky (hydrous library) or underground takes the resource that use water, should bring into license extraction water to manage range lawfully and the extraction that did not discard as useless water project (establishment) undertake water manages special punish extraction using. Special punish limits takes water project for dimensions above (establishment) , take among them with surface water project (establishment) include year of dam up water that takes water to measure 500 thousand stere and above, dam, channel, artificial wadi, siphon, pumping station, hydroelectric station to wait; Take with groundwater project (establishment) the well of water supply Electromechanical that includes what well casing internal diameter is more than or be equal to 200 millimeter to irrigate to Electromechanical well, day takes water quantity to be more than or be equal to 20 stere. Repair work cent is checked register, the problem is maintained, the problem is rectified and reform, consolidate promotion undertakes, finish in the round to December 2021.

        Below the joint efforts of expert group, the operation is very successful, art hind comes one many year, li Fumin also did not appear again giddy, faint wait for a symptom, parameter of programmed control pacemaker all favorable movement are normal. This year in May, world authoritative orgnaization undertook reply to this operation, think truly the whole world first.

        Zhongzi of tug-of-war, bag, dozen ping-pong, take test of chess, physical ability, an activity that the friend loves a farmer spells wisdom, physical power already, spell skill again. The person of match of zhongzi of characteristic project bag of warm-up end midday is enraged quite tall. Bell mountain area takes part in the match athlete Wu Hao says: "At ordinary times my bag zhongzi is fast still also. Go up than competition ground in this today, everybody tries hard together, atmosphere is very enthusiastic, everybody came out his actual strength play, very happy, got the 1st. Got the 1st..

        Chengdu of center extensive network on May 30 message (reporter Gu Yichao) on May 29, area of river of Chengdu bright and beautiful holds be the lucky number of volume of project of great 2020 industrialization to restrict ceremony and global action trade partner congress. Project of 10 great industrialization centers an autograph to make an appointment with, investment amount amounts to 16 billion yuan, involve the many fields such as development of medical treatment of headquarters economy, education, city, new media. This congress is returned with " below the line + on the line " mode is synchronous on the network direct seeding, attracted more than 100 businesses online participate in.

        It is reported, this second protect job learning hillock to enclothe Hefei city this world of hill of Bao He, Sichuan, cottage, precious jade the sea 4 area under administration, it is road of port of mussel of city of elementary school of the door austral Hefei city, Hefei no matter the first elementary school, there still is Hefei spy by school gate of elementary school of grade of 6 An Lu elementary school of Hefei city, peace alarm be stationed be on duty form.

        The exhibition spits grave of distant of Er radical hill, Chenguo's princess and emperor's son-in-law to add up to bury grave, Ye showpiece in all the relics of the Beijing in relics of the Beijing on grave of high-ranked imperial concubine of channel of force of the grave of law feather, small king, distant, distant cultural relic that come up out of land high-quality goods 128. Cultural relic category is diversiform, include ironware of golden silver, copper, chinaware, paint carpentry, silk and agate, amber wait for a variety of quality of a material. Cultural relic level is high, precious cultural relic amounts to 116 / set, among them one class cultural relic 76 / set, chenguo's princess mask, emperor's son-in-law is amber Jin Gaoshi of waist of defend of gold of fine gold of bead grain of play of Ying Luo, Shuang Feng, fine gold pursues gild of silver cup, coloured drawing or pattern the heavyweight cultural relic such as stupa of law of 7 Buddha woodcarving all alls present. Of cultural relic level tall, phyletic abundance, for in recent years of congener exhibition scarce.

        Current, saved wet ecosystem to get basically be protectived effectively completely, degenerative zoology function gets resumptive stage by stage, the sort of resource of wild vivid plant and amount are apparent grow in quantity, wet water quality and zoology environment get clear improvement, form those who have Guangdong distinguishing feature " zoology wet ground, economy wet ground, culture wet ground " community, make positive contribution to safeguard wet ground and biology diversity to be able to develop continuously.

        Hou Chengbin of current association secretary-general accepts Heibei province car when interviewing, say, as the population of our country big province and car consume big province, heibei sinks the car consumption potential of the market is very tremendous. The car that the market sinks to be released quickly after facing epidemic situation consumes demand, steam wagon flow connects association to will produce effect of the bridge between government and enterprise, bond adequately, offer more favourable, more convenient car to consume a service for Heibei consumer through this activity.

          Ban Yan village: Move happy life

        Zi of pleasant of center extensive network on June 17 message (reporter Gu Yichao) before dawn was made 3:20 on June 17, red of city of Sichuan pleasant Zi cling to channel of half Men Zhenmei dragon produces the county mud-rock flow, block breaks Xiaojin plain river, form barrier lake, cause G350 sodden inlet paragraph road is interrupted, coast of body of hill of village of stockaded village of woman of sodden inlet A. End on June 17 6: 00, affection of barrier lake danger is minatory and downstream 6 villages and towns 17 villages. Scattered already 5800 more than person. According to preliminary count, suffer tired personnel 15 people, countryside two class rescuing team comes to help successfully already 8 people, 6 people are rescueing them in, 1 person breaks couplet.

        " opinion " put forward, branch of social security of resource of manpower of area of each city state, county wants to need according to real work, the window serves in person company, sign creates station of power of dimension of peasant worker worker, concentration accepts a farmer to be versed in salary pays relevant inform againsting, complain and mediation, arbitral application, responsible in " for a short while " the salary that answers worker worker of peasant of the salary that be defaulted to put forward pays a request. Power post should arrange dimension of peasant worker worker to be visited by the letter, labor is censorial the relevant function orgnaization such as arbitral courtyard is worth orgnaization or controversy of labor personnel matters by turns in installment defend, OK also select is policy of company of familiar law knowledge, familiar person, fair decent, for civilian the business backbone person specially assigned for a task with service strong consciousness is held the position of. When necessary, the relevant function branch such as administration of seasonable harmonious judicatory, labour union gives law aid and the support that labor thought fors the time being, do good farmer to be versed in work related dimension authority jointly.

        In ceremonially of propaganda of abstinence wild animal, through exhibiting board publicized with the means such as catchphrase prohibit the meaning that edible wild animal decides; Worker of protection of wild animal of the Changchun City provided to broad citizen handbill of announce of abstinence wild animal and propaganda paterial; Wild animal of the Changchun City protects volunteer read out proposal of abstinence wild animal; The citizen is on autograph board the pledge that autograph makes next refus feed wild animal.

        Changsha of center extensive network on June 5 message (Chen Mingjun of Ceng Yong of reporter Deng Wenhui's reporter) come day after day, wide iron group without a stop of personnel of many groups of 30 many 500 backbone, hurry off to and other places of this world of group of autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Tujia nationality of Hunan West Hunan, Home Zhang, Chang De, beneficial location of more than 50 heavy difficulty is comprehensive survey, main punish... this year since April, wide iron group changes jointly with carriage hall of Hunan Province traffic and hair appoint wait for a branch, comprise Hunan Province general superintend and director of survey of punish of environment of fast railroad safety guides group, 14 city state checks thorough Hunan Province superintend and director guides, adopt range of hurried of check the number of, supervise and urge each city state fulfils punish responsibility seriously, strictly observe punish standard, executive job to ask, ensure punish works fast good advance.

        "As long as by the commonweal sex that donates certificate and inquiry to arrive the pertinent information of organism can undertake deduction. " patience of duty Wu cadre is taxpayer meticulously to undertake explanatory, "According to total bureau of Wu of the Ministry of finance, duty the 9th announcement set the first times 2020, enterprise and individual pass commonweal sex organism or the national office such as government of people of prefectural class above and its branch, donate use at answering new coronal the cash of pneumonic epidemic situation and article, allow to answer in computation the sum when specified amount of pay taxes income is deducted. If undertake donative in on-line commonweal platform, like foundation of Chinese social welfare this kind receives the unit of money to be able to offer an electron to present letter, what money of be apt to receives is in charge of initiating in small commonweal just should meet as much open for dedicator by regulation and requirement present bill. What money of be apt to receives is in charge of initiating in small commonweal just should meet as much open for dedicator by regulation and requirement present bill..

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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