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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:35

        2020年06月25日 09:15:35

        Face railroad greatly formal lay a railway track (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Shijiazhuang of center extensive network on June 5 message (reporter Wang Zhida) on June 5, heibei saved Internet car new spending to act to be started in Shijiazhuang 2020, the activity aims to aid force car consumption to quicken get warm again after a cold spell, release the market to consume demand.

        Area of nearly 10 years of Guangdong complete province forests, forest enclothes quantity of save up of rate, forest to wait for silvan natural resources to present stability to rise situation, rank countrywide front row. (bureau of forestry of province of Guangdong of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Inform against channel to ensure expedite, mechanism of whole area procuratorial work all is established in hall of substance of service center of 12309 procuratorial work " minor judicatory protects the window " , accept those who be suspected of the illegal crime clew of enroach on minor technically to inform against. Benefit of Wu Zhong city connects area procuratorate to be in " two small one aspect of the matter " open female child protection informs against phone, small letter to inform against platform and network to inform against platform, be in charge of handling by person specially assigned for a task. Procuratorate of Yinchuan city He Lan county opened special railway line of minor dimension power. Procuratorate of Wu Zhong city in campus marked position installation informs against box and propagandist column, encourage a student to undertake informing against to affecting the clew of campus security.

        Dalian court legal cost manages a system to bear online put on record not only; The put on record below the line also can pass forensic legal cost imprint on bill some 2 dimension codes sweep a code to capture is expended or the intelligent POS in forensic ark face brushs card or reveal 2 dimension to pile up pay cost. At present this system already realized Dalian cost of pay of two class court is enclothed completely.

        Be apt to of congratulate of the strong point before institute of plant of Nanjing of Chinese Academy of Sciences is installed, be known as " the father of Chinese La Mei " . He Shanan introduces, "La Mei 1 " the most remarkable character depends on be being planted high yield, easily, flavour pleasant, fight go against a gender strong, it is to accord with industrialization of Chinese blue berry to help advance somebody's career the innovation breeding direction, representative new breed that has Chinese distinguishing feature, very appropriate in our country area of a variety of different modes of life and relation to their environment undertake industrialization outspread.

        "We want to be among activity of the following travel, regard 3 rivers as an important travel destination. " Xuan Xuejun of chairman of association of travel agent of peaceful wave city says, of travel agent cross a province to swim business has not been unlocked, each travel agent is preparing now the job, program travel course, design travel product, "At the appointed time favourable strength is very big, regular meeting is coulded there be the welcome of wave citizen. Regular meeting is coulded there be the welcome of wave citizen..


        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 12 message (Lijinnian of reporter Gu Yichao's reporter) recently, chengdu orbit traffic Cheng of electrician of 3 period machine completes 6 lines the director advantageous position of project of parking lot orbit, access, administrative power turns over a dragon, came true to transform from what build operation, those who be 6 lines is enlightened lay next solid foundations.

        12 days morning, the city hydrology terminal that monitor releases early-warning of orange of flood of river of early-warning of yellow of Qi river flood, Shang Xi respectively, 5 fork of river of Qi of area of predicting river ferry stand will appear to flood apparently process, top water level will exceed warning line 0.4 meters, 0.9 meters; Water level of station of gold of river of brook of soup of cloud in relief county will rise 3 meters, 4 meters, the flood is highest water level predicts 0.2 meters to exceed warning line, 0.8 meters.

        Guangzhou custom is in fulfil " outside prevent an input " epidemic situation normalization is prevented continue to strengthen baggage article to superintend on the base that control, apply risk of check of brigade of Guangzhou airport port to analyse a system to begin a risk to analyse in real time, essence of life allows passenger of Suo Dinggao risk, at the same time check of machine of play in advance reforms effect, through X smooth machine shifts to an earlier date to be carried out to passenger baggage do not have a contact remotely 100% check, drugs of blow of port of farther promotion aviation and have the capacity checking arrest that extends unreal and medicines and chemical reagents of spirit of the sex that become addiction.

        Harbin of center extensive network on June 1 message (reporter Chi Song) save Wei Jian according to Heilongjiang appoint bulletin, on May 31, 2020 0, 24 when, heilongjiang province is provincial without add diagnose case newly, add the person that affect without the symptom newly 2 (peony river) . Up to on May 31 24 when, case of illness of diagnose of mainland of accumulative total report 559, accumulative total is cured leave hospital case of illness 546, have the person that affect without the symptom 13 (peony river) . Number of diagnosis and treatment of calorific that day outpatient service 570 people. The person that accumulative total traces provincial and intimate contact 20079 people, already removed medicine watchs 19826 people, still 253 people are accepting medicine to observe.

        Pilgrim ceremony (Zhang Guoliang of reporter of center extensive network is photographed)

        It is reported, certificate of Hui Min of Guizhou culture travel extends activity, wait for combinative dragon boat festival, summer vacation time, National Day and new year's day season and section to celebrate an activity, last to the end of this year, in order to help market of travel of culture of force activation Guizhou Province, carry brace up Guizhou travel economy anabiosises strength.

        The reporter understands on the activity, get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, the whole nation donates blood number acute is decreased, but job of hospital convention cure still is begun, with hematic demand bigger section office is like division of haemal division, obstetric, tumour, emergency call division to wait be badly in need of haemal cure life.

        Suddenly Er Guo Sihai closes container of nucleus of check of the member that close to seal annals (Yu Wenjing is photographed)

        13 days of ~ 14 days, suffer this year the 2nd typhoon " parrot " periphery is circumfluent influence, complete island is major the area appears showery or thundershower, bureau ground appears to arrive greatly rainstorm, individual villages and towns appears big rainstorm, most greatly tendril of high mountain of Dan state city presses down 124.4 millimeter. Additional, offing of Hainan island the eastpart part appears generally 8 class of 6 ~ flatus, most greatly 9 class (21.8 meters / second) . High temperature weather gets alleviating, to 14 days, highest air temperature western the area falls to 30 ~ 33 ℃ , the others area falls to 27 ~ 30 ℃ , complete island of lowermost air temperature 26 ℃ of 23 ~ .

        Leave one stage, hunan saves the organization public security mechanism to will be opposite completely the swindler blame that uses many calories of GOIP, treasure, sth resembling a net to overflow pace of skin of box of treasure, intelligence, apple, aerospace to wait for kind of equipment to carry out increases blow strength further, to nest of this kind of equipment the dot holds to " begin to crop up is hit " , " man-machine all is obtained " . Public security office is special clew:

        Xiamen of center extensive network on June 10 message (Ouyang Guilian of reporter Chen Geng's reporter) 100 years of anniversary of the founding of a school pour Xiamen university time 300 days the activity is started 10 days, " the country is remembered -- Chen Jiageng and hundred years Xiamen University " newsreel switchs on the mobile phone the ceremony is held in mobile spot, the label of anniversary of the founding of a school such as theme of hundred years anniversary of the founding of a school, mark, mascot also releases Xiamen University one by one, xiamen university still was given out to the students that are about to join the university entrance exam at next month make an appointment the invitation of hundred years anniversary of the founding of a school, expect " collective open is next hundred years " .

        Look in him, " marine general management " the issuance of blue book, the ocean management of will coastal to our country and world state and marine economy can grow the direct import with be had important continuously, the global ocean that is helpful for international society paying close attention to China to put forward more administers program, the international speech that promoted China counterpoises, conduce to drive marine destiny community to become global consensus, build community of global ocean destiny to contribute Chinese force for compose.

        "We understand, this is to enter rich to good thing first time exhibits with the form of market and be sold, what we chose two meticulously to come from Hokkaido is special product of class A rice, expect to make the star goods on market. " the Hua Dong region of company of Japanese Forestlee Corp that signs about 3 meetings that score gain continuously sells Tang Lei of assistant inspector general to express, the form of originality market, to exhibited business to offer more and Chinese customer the opportunity with 0 distance interactive communication, exhibit business to be able to feel clear, fresh market pulse, increase to consume the confidence of the market to China.

        Monitor data according to hydrology, up to on June 8 17 when: 1 hour has rainfall of 7 rainfall station to exceed 30 millimeter, among them quiet remote town connects autonomous county of Na Yao a group of things with common features to keep city station Lang Wei of short of Wenshui River of county of collect of bosom of city of 45 millimeter, Zhao Qing stands Bai Sha of autonomous county of the Yao nationality of Lianshan Chuang of 39.9 millimeter, quiet remote town stands 32.5 millimeter, beautiful closes.

        According to members of standing committee of Xiamen municipal Party committee, organization ministerial Chen Shenyang introduces, in recent years, xiamen city urges strategy of talent strong city actively, release policy bonus ceaselessly, promotion serves a level, for Xiamen city high quality development offerred strong talent intelligence to prop up. Last year annual, xiamen makes handsome appearance of Yo high administrative levels many 600, introduce of all kinds and flexible talent more than 5300, examine and verify admits graduate fifty thousand seven hundred person, population increase rate ranks countrywide main city the 2nd. In whole town the joint efforts of various and departmental door falls, talent job obtains outstanding positive result, at present gross of qualified personnel of Xiamen whole town is broken through 1 million.

        "Shuang Bo is met " after mobile news is released, unit of each choose and employ persons is very tall to playing this second activity initiative, indication Zhuhai city is exuberant to the demand of high-end talent, according to preliminary data statistic, whole town adds up to have 45 the home is famous enterprise or business unit, provide demand of doctor, postdoctoral post 700 many, demand of priority discipline collaboration 10.

        According to introducing, of this circuitry enlightened, fill neat old since the city zone of the city in advance lodges for the night to Taiyuan fierce what the International Airport does not have nonstop special railway line is short board, of passenger traffic of highway of the city zone of the city in realizing advance and aviation traffic without seam join, integrated to accelerating stereo change traffic to carry a system construction, accelerate Long Cheng area materiality construction serves whole city " 4 a hunderd li " project has great sense.

        Center extensive network Urumqi on May 29 message (Wu Ji of reporter Zhang Xiaocheng's reporter) in Oubanliewulumuqi builds up the center joins movement 4 years, accumulative total opens the Ou Ban in travel to list 3189, open up circuitry 21, 23 countries mix two continent of Banliekedaya, Europe area.

        Shenyang of center extensive network on June 10 message (reporter Zhang Jing) the give public notice that city education bureau issues Shenyang to open garden time about Shenyang city nursery school this afternoon (the 3rd) , announcement is as follows:

        Hou Kai of doctor of officinal plant major introduces Sichuan agriculture college, alone Xie Cao is plant of our country's peculiar lonely involuntary discharge of urine, distributing to reach Shaanxi at Sichuan, Gansu Province, Yunnan only, mirrorring happy horse to draw the old plant district before elegant orogenic movement is distributinging circumstance. The its unique structure that spends one part of a historical period, have very high value and scientific sense to studying angiosperm is developmental.