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        Global Times
        2020年06月25日 09:15:33

        2020年06月25日 09:15:33

        Center extensive network Huhhot on June 9 message (reporter Zheng Ying) on June 8, 2020 7 when to on June 9 7 when, report of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is not had add new coronal newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness, doubt seems case. Add newly cure leave hospital 8 (come by billabong of airliner of capital airport international Huhhot white tower International Airport) .

        Chengdu of center extensive network on June 4 message (reporter Liu Tao) county of heart of happy event of city of Sichuan province cool hill refines the measure that help deficient up, in and village of combination pulling countryside is carried out " 1+2+N " working law, build trends to take off deficient stage Zhang, ensure poor masses takes off deficient as soon as possible.

        Held the post of members of standing committee of Shan end municipal Party committee in November 2015, secretary of secretary of land abundant municipal Party committee, leading Party group of standing committee of city National People's Congress

        Had identity news, be about to seek the form of these people next. The member that investigate people discovery, these guilty suspects live randomly, often flee hither and thither arrives Fujian each district, even southeast Asia each country, search it is very difficult to rise, and the likelihood moves a meeting to alarm other personnel runs away. Accordingly, public security of boat of frontier defence harbor transfers quickly personnel composition captures a group to drive the city that go to a spring, cooperate case group to act together. Right now the message is transmitted, huang Mou of two main suspects art went to Shenzhen suddenly with Huang Mou article, have leave the country again likelihood, case group acts separately instantly, one group continues to be driven toward fontal city, one group is driven go to Shenzhen, the hope is in suspect intercept home. When the policeman hurries to Shenzhen, fontal city transmits a message again, two suspects took motor-car to return fontal city again again, capture group the same night to took the train to also hurried back again then fontal city.

        According to introducing, execute the law jointly of the office hold water, will sufficient play alarm mechanism of linkage of look forward to, information shares mechanism, lash-up mechanism, safeguard mechanism, normalization begins maritime power facilities to execute the law the action, severe blow is engaged in digging inside limits of sea cable protection arenaceous, drill, pile, anchor, pull anchorage, bottom catch, piece the exercise behavior that the net works or other possibility destroys submarine cable safety, use the multimedia platform such as TV, broadcast at the same time, increase maritime power facilities to protect propagandist strength, promote submarine cable further lawfully control ability.

        " executive method " point out, the collective that drafts city manages sexual construction to should accord with land to use program of overall planning, village, zoology to protect program and peaceful wave city with the ground " 3 lines one sheet " requirement; Earthy land ownership is belonged to clear, nonexistent authority belongs to controversy, already dealt with land ownership to register lawfully; The in principle inside plot should be achieved without build (compose) the condition that builds thing, the building has legal authority card or the except that plan to allow to withhold; Plot has access, connect level off of water, electrify, land, sewage disposal to accord with environmental protection to ask to wait begin construction development postulate; Was not closed down by the judiciary or the condition such as right of land of executive authority limitation.

        The country is important wet ground is to show it is important to accord with a country wet affirmatory index, wet zoology function and benefit have a state principal port, have the location of protective management by the regulation. The country is important the elite that wet ground is wet ground and delegate.

        This year in Feburary, net of Shenzhen city public security bureau alarm team of assault fortified positions of detachment network crime is in process of network go on a tour of inspection, grind sentence the choice that gives a batch to be suspected of encroaching citizen individual information to follow information clue. Data of data of the collective such as the individual information such as contrail of small letter of the Id number that guilty gang hands in citizen of easy buying and selling, inquiry in the net wantonly, telephone number, real name, individual and legal person data, shareholder data citizen, the individual information that encroached a citizen badly is safe. Via investigating discovery, this batch invades personnel of case of common thread experience to be independence individual, be not gang framework, and personnel of partial experience case is industry interior employee. Through be opposite Shenzhen is suspected of 456 times be being used at pair of public account of network bilk to undertake analytic grinding sentencing, discover in all open an account the person has clear address and the thread that declare information in Shenzhen 123, among them blessing cropland area 47, south a mountainous area 35, Baoan area 21, Luo Hu area 14, Long Gang area 4, Long Hua area 1, saline area 1. In view of details of a case great, province Public Security Department labels this series record " hurricane 47 " case.

        Guangdong saves Party committee of body of wholesome and healthy commission 4 class survey member, round appoint clerical He Huijing expresses, through beginning " healthy and direct car " action brand project, to suffer from cleft palate of congenital heart disease, lip, the relatively impoverished adolescent that still has a few relatively specific diseases such as rachis side turn undertakes a cure and side are helped up. We " healthy and direct car " the orgnaization of medical treatment sanitation with the various organizations that can normalize, undertake examine of a justice examine, make one's rounds to relatively impoverished place, still have healthy propaganda and education. Feeling the disease with the specific discovery in examining a process at the same time, we can link social natural resources jointly, give these teenage cure.

        In recent years, purify environment of water area of core of yellow riverside river to last, the superintendency strength that bureau of thing of yellow Pu Hai increases smeary to shipping water, sewage and rubbish dump and of illegal behavior investigate strength, accumulative total investigates illegal case 45 cases since 2018, to according with shipping water pollution content discharges standard shipping to take the step that limitation sails or deadline rectifies and reform, had better awe effect.

        Chinese division assist Lv Zhaoping of secretary of department of member of leading Party group, clerk's secretary shows through video speech, "Congress of Shenzhen innovation poineering investment is play division assist capital of systematic advantage, service and technique try effectively of fast butt joint, will right countrywide division assist poineering job of systematic service innovation has very good inspiration and demonstrative effect. " he points out, "Promote science and technology achievement is changed and project be born is one arduous, complex and long-term job, hope Shenzhen city is changed in achievement of service science and technology, drive the respect such as development of confluence of economy of science and technology to explore go ahead of the rest, make brand and set an example. Make brand and set an example..

        On June 17 when 0-24, complete province is not had add the person that affect without the symptom newly, turn that day for diagnose case of illness 0, remove to keep apart medicine to observe 0 centrally that day, still keep apart medicine to observe 6 in concentration (all be the input outside the condition) .

        Tianjin of center extensive network on June 4 message (Sun Xiaobin of reporter Chen Qingbin's reporter) the reporter learns from Tianjin city revenue, 1-4 month, duty of new increase and decrease of Tianjin city accumulative total falls expend 5.92 billion yuan, among them, the supportive epidemic situation that came on stage 2020 is prevented accuse and duty of new increase and decrease of policy of privilege of cost of tax of economic society progress falls expend 1.17 billion yuan. Policy came on stage to become warped this year in year 2019 duty of end new increase and decrease falls expend 4.75 billion yuan.

        Shanghai of center extensive network on June 12 message (nimble of reporter Fu Wen) the reporter learns from Shanghai news publication bureau, shanghai book is exhibited face the central publication unit that reachs Beijing area, hold Beijing to enrol business to recommend meeting, the whole that begins 2020 Shanghai book to exhibit is recommended, wave series is exhibited wait for the job, this also indicates Shanghai book exhibits preparatory job to be started in the round this year. Department of propaganda of Central Committee of Communist Party of China pressworks issue chief attends the meeting related the bureau.

        To this nobody drive machine receiving oil undertakes operating training (center extensive network sends bureau of Zhao Qinghai thing to offer a plan)

        The high grade paddy that the grand that is located in island of big Ji Sha makes the same score paddy sweet garden to already finished more than 1000 mus is cultivated. (center extensive network sends Li Jianfeng to photograph)

        Shenyang of center extensive network on June 8 message (reporter Zhang Jing) Liaoning saves Wei Jian appoint bulletin: Liaoning province was not had on June 7 add case of the input outside the condition newly, without add case of native land diagnose newly.

          One, mechanism of public security of city of Fosan benefit state is detected successfully " hurricane 6 " case of bilk of experience epidemic situation

        Cloud of Yu company county installs a village to be stationed in team leader of village work group Han Xiaoyan is gratified the ground says, of establishment agriculture cultivating is the 3 times above that traditional commissariat cultivates, yun Ancun will rely on an area advantage, guide masses to develop advantage characteristic to cultivate an industry, learn the core skill of vegetable melon and fruit, effective help masses is stabilized continuously add close.

        The aspect is built in informatization, shandong province transforms promotion further the system of service of various regimen news, pluvial forecast system, application system that prop up, exert oneself promotes regimen early-warning public service capability, the processing that realizes the monitoring element such as rainfall, regimen, soil moisture content as soon as possible and service intelligence are changed. Current, shandong province is building executive plan authorized strength in hydrology of the number that start, strengthen design carrying a layer on the head, strive the rough draft is preliminary 2022 build site position reasonable, collect element the hydrology of celestial ground unifinication with all ready, transmission reliable stability feels a network.

        Happy heart county takes off deficient through expanding production a batch, remove easily deficient a batch, zoology compensates deficient a batch, development teachs deficient a batch, social security reveal all the details a batch, to the end of this year June before, 17 thousand person meets entire county take off deficient ahead of schedule finally, happy heart county also is met the poor hat that pick off wore a few years.

        The side that decide a dot helps Guangxi poverty up Children's Festival of child of village hill area receives 5791 books (reporter of hair of center extensive network offers a plan)

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 4 message (reporter Liang Mingxing) on June 3, when tiger door sells cigarette 181 years, hefei city public security bureau presses down concentration in Wu Shan of long abundant county drugs of destroy by melting or burning more than kilograms 60.

        Suffer the Spring Festival and epidemic situation effect, 1-2 month Zhejiang uses foreign capital actually to drop compared to the same period, but fell in Feburary a photograph is narrower than closing considerably in January, began to come true to growing in March. 1-4 month, complete province accumulative total uses foreign capital 4.96 billion dollar, implementation grows 8.9% , 17.3 percent of whole nation of amplitude prep above, occupy countrywide portion to achieve 12% , than last year the corresponding period increases 1.9 percent, the scale that uses foreign capital resides the whole nation the 4th. Job of Zhejiang firm foreign capital obtained better result.

        Dalian of center extensive network on June 5 message (Lv Tingting of reporter Gu Tiesheng's reporter) on June 5, branch bureau of state of gold of Dalian city public security bureau accredits office of mechanism of contact of revenue of division of state of gold of city of Dalian of total bureau of national tax Wu to hang out his shingle formally hold water, this is system of Wu of Dalian city duty inside first alarm duty closes arrange office room, the mark is worn division of state of Dalian city gold alarm tax efforts job enters new level. Alarm duty " first floor " office closing office, do solid do do by force fine alarm duty contact mechanism, make hit experience duty to violate behavior col reach, run away to arresting experience case suspect, enhance a case qualitative accuracy and uncover the respect such as efficiency to will have positive effect.

        According to office of branch of Guangdong of customs total office integrated business work is in chief introduction, since 2012, guangdong crossed condition cable business to come true from do not have have, arrive to span greatly as a child type develops. According to custom statistic, 2019, complete province crosses total value of imports and exports of condition cable business one hundred and thirteen billion nine hundred and fifty million yuan, grow 50% compared to the same period, occupy the whole nation to cross total value of condition cable business (one hundred and ninety billion and sixty million yuan) 60% . Import among them give priority to in order to maintain duty pattern, occupy 6 into; Exit is given priority to with mailing mode continuously, occupy 9 into.

        (Editor in charge: Huang Xiaoqun )
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