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        Release time:2020年06月25日 09:15:33

        2020年06月25日 09:15:33

        Announcement requirement, each district each unit wants farther aggrandizement apanage to manage responsibility, branch and unit to prevent control liability, fulfil station of field of produce terminal market, free market of agricultural products, food market, supermarket, hospital, traffic strictly to wait for domain of key place, key " measure lukewarm + sweep (bright) code + Dai Kou is overspread " wait for health government measure.

        It is difficult to the fall to the ground of foreign capital enterprise that basic level reflects, difficult that element ensures difficult, foreign trader to recieve wait for a problem, this " opinion " gave a response. If the respect is ensured in element, increase finance, finance to support strength, use the ground to discharge index in plan index, contaminant to project of great foreign capital, with can the respect such as index gives safeguard; Optimize foreign capital project program optional location and examine and approve a program with the ground, accelerate plan of be born of foreign capital project; Allow each district to develop a standard according to local economy, funds of job of reasonable set capital attraction, make a foreign trader recieve a standard, normative foreign trader recieves an activity to wait.

        Hefei of center extensive network on June 14 message (reporter Liang Mingxing) according to observatory of the Anhui province newest forecast, prospective a week saves much stronger precipitation completely, produce thunderstorm easily fresh gale and short when the weather of strong convection sex such as strong precipitation. Area of 14-15 day strong precipitation somewhat south pressure abate, river of the Huaihe River of edge the Huaihe River divides area heavy rain with the south, local rainstorm, 16-18 day complete province still has strong precipitation process.

        2019, overall PH average is complete province precipitation 6.34, acid rain frequency is 2.2% , with compared 2018, frequency of precipitation acidity, acid rain is stabilized basically.

        Build " one graph expresses one index " horse race mechanism

        Guangzhou of center extensive network on June 2 message (reporter Zheng Shu) today (on June 2) case, guangdong has the nursery school of garden condition to be able to open garden in succession, arrangement cheeper in installment, return garden group by group, the specific time that return garden inspects a circumstance to decide by each district. The reporter comes early to the peach source nursery school of area of bay of Guangzhou city Li greatly today, circumstance of resume classes of nursery school of on-the-spot seek by inquiry, area treating garden is specific made what arrangement.

        In combining board of inquiry to part to teach exam center to accredit test of continous in relief city to the area, learn (continous is in relief 7 in) center of exam of education of the member that the make one's rounds that check a place is taken an examination of, area is confidential personnel of security of room examination paper, the member that take an examination of the bit of be in charge of an examination, assistant chief examiner, member that take an examination of Wu, invigilate and middle school of test of continous in relief city (continous is in relief 7 in) biology geography teacher undertook be enclothinged completely enquiring check, all all was carried out strictly in this second exam by investigation personnel regulation of the detailed rules that take an examination of Wu, nonexistent organization biology, geographical teacher makes the answer issue the student's action. Undertake in all to should checking a place examinee secret in questionnaire investigation, all did not receive a teacher to deliver the report of the answer, collective fraud.

        Yu Qing is laughing to say to the reporter, pass OKly still now, my parents work is much very busy, I am done do household thing, a month is OK still gain 1000 yuan. She laborious still applied for commonweal sex post 2018, for the member that village class protects clean, clean village class sanitation on time everyday, her income was 15040 yuan 2019, came true to take off deficient.

        "Joining this world is the key county of edge Yellow River, have 4 affluent from add up to this world to enter the Yellow River " . Yuan Xiangyong of subprefect of county joining this world expresses, regard county of edge Yellow River as the area, guard responsibility of good Yellow River great, do good toilet revolution, sewage disposal and rubbish classification, assure to add up to in relief churchyard each water system is achieved at the same time into Huang Qian " the country is taken an examination of " (3 kinds of water quality) and " the province is taken an examination of " (4 kinds of water quality) standard, it is the responsibility with environmental protection of zoology of Yellow River of travel of our carry out and obligatory development of implementation high quality.

        The member that place of △ Guangzhou custom belongs to Fosan custom to be stationed in suitable heart agency to close purchases export goods to undertake the spot is checked to the market (center extensive network sends Shi Jinghui to photograph)

        Xi'an of center extensive network on June 4 message (reporter Lei Kai) Shaanxi saves wholesome health appoint today (4 days) bulletin: On June 3, 2020 8 when to on June 4 8 when, shaanxi adds a person that affect without the symptom newly, for on May 22 passenger of international charter flight, custom quarantine, nucleic acid all is fulfilled to detect after be born, the place is bit righter the measure of closed circuit government such as observation of medicine of have a change of luck, segregation, without Shaanxi provincial contrail of proper motion activity.

        End current, chestnut head of a county makes the same score excessive of country river course on big 50 more than place, hill pond gets flood 58, break through dam 2 place, ditch is damaged more than meters 4000, farm is damaged more than mus 3200, vegetable damage more than mus 1200. After happening of the situation of a disaster, this country country two class cadre be stationed in a village to begin work providing disaster relief to place for a short while, directive masses production saves oneself, constituent personnel clears after the house before room of cleared and establishment of irrigation works of road roadblock, dredge, stricken be hit by a natural adversity dweller silty, begin a person to reside environmental punish.

        After receiving an information, victim Chen Mou with etc 8 parents pass scanning 2 dimension code paid 711.5 yuan respectively, subsequently, "Classmaster " sent again " not be him classmaster " group of messages, disclosure of victim Chen Mou is inappropriate, immediately calls to seek testimony to its daughter a teacher in charge of a class, classmaster informs victim Chen Mou and do not have this matter, after Chen Mou discovery is deceived, head for big stone police station to call the police instantly.

        The member that Guangzhou custom place belongs to Guangzhou station custom to close undertakes probation to goods of new line shipment, check number involving a lock (dispatch of center extensive network jade-like stone photograph)

        The respect is made public in information, orders provision, red Cross of place of prefectural class above ought to pass unified information platform to announce capital collect, invite public bidding in time to purchase to the society, allocate use etc present information, accept a society to supervise; Present report of case of income and expenses every year to what the society makes public classics audit, make public raise donations and project to carry out progress circumstance to the society regularly, a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of 3 months after the project ends carries out circumstance and collect to get belongings to use a case when comprehensive and public project. Raise donations is periodic or the project carries out cycle to exceed 6 months, still ought to at least every 3 months make public raise donations to the society or the project carries out progress circumstance.

        Center extensive network Urumqi on June 10 message (Zhang Ting of reporter Wu Zhuosheng's reporter) by development of Urumqi economy technology (area of head collect river) contributive choice of 2 million yuan of made Xinjiang cable business helps deficient storehouse up to match distributing center center to throw operation formally definitely. Complete border produce of each district characteristic and article travel product, aux will be able to sends each district of past whole nation quickly from here, already attracted business of 300 much home appliance to enter at present halt.

        For cogent the potential risk that reduces flow of personnel big range, zhejiang leaves oneself Chinese the passageway removes since the canal accuses, change according to situation of area epidemic situation, wait for the urban personnel with higher order and degree of the risk that visit an area or key crowd to coming from Hubei, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Guangdong, Jilin early or late, every not health of hold near future detects of the report, organize nucleic acid to detect for a short while, the person that accumulative total discovers to the gender is inputted to be affected without the symptom outside the province case of illness of 12 exemple, diagnose answer this world person 1, see the hidden danger that travels besides epidemic situation in time.

        According to mounding archaeology of service center of new city common culture studies ministry minister Qin Xing introduces, regard the development on history of the Chinese nation as one of prior areas, mound to having long and bright culture newly. Protect these culture heritage this achievement and public to share, it is to let a citizen more understanding mound new historical culture, invite the public more participation go to in cultural relic protection and culture inheritance, enhance citizen culture self-confidence.

        According to introducing, shaanxi province teachs website of department of company of office door website, person, Ministry of Education in Shaanxi province since June 22 " 24365 campus invite applications for a job " platform release information of invite applications for a job; On June 29 9:00 to on July 3 18:00 enlightened " Shaanxi province is special hillock teacher management information system " , accept examinee to sign up, post of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is volunteer, be restricted to sign up for a post each. Every is in school or job or disciplinary treatment is crossed during be out of job, undesirable obtain employment is recorded, and of all kinds basic level serves period up to not full on August 31, 2020 person, or assessment is once unqualified inside service period person cannot enter oneself for an examination.

        After people often donates blood questioningly easy cold? Study the result shows: Blood donor as donate blood the grow in quantity of the frequency, outpatient service sees a doctor the frequency has downtrend, the outpatient service rate inside the half an year after donating blood for the last time is reduced significantly likewise. Infection of the upper respiratory tract is outpatient service treats the disease with ill most person-time, data shows as donate blood the number increases this disease scale to present downtrend.

        Show of folk-custom amorous feelings (hair of center extensive network is sponsorred just offer a plan)

        Each district, each should fulfil class of one hour value and 24 leaders strictly to take class system about the branch, aggrandizement value is defended and information collects a newspaper to send, ensure information is expedite, efficient deal with general affairs of flood prevention lash-up, answer sudden danger affection, the situation of a disaster with all one's strength.

        ◎ drives day of one trade group to be transformed newlier, promote day of one business to encircle transition development and energy level promotion.

        Guangzhou police begins " hurricane 32 " chain of industry of black ash of crime of blow telecommunication bilk consolidates the operation, give heavy fist, move real, qing Dynasty puts an amount, dozen hole of gang, shot-off of loss, clean zoology, build mechanism, strong canal to accuse, obtain remarkable result. Experience record is at present right the clew amount that the industry of telegraphic bilk black ash such as public account involves Guangzhou shows bluff type to drop, add newly open an account to be used at bilk phenomenon basic and disappeared, from go up at all the one big channel that cut off bilk element to use the black grey industry such as pair of public account to undertake experience cheat capital is on the move.

        For instance, change city custom to in Oubanlie (Yu Xinou) sheet of the carry in manifest is port of condition of same pass in and out, same date, same number, same churchyard to send and receive goods person, identical contract, same the name of an article, supportive industry applies for manifest add up. This year May, accumulative total carries out manifest to incorporate 32 times, declare at customs the enterprise the frequency falls from 152 it is 34 times, reduce an enterprise to declare at customs cost 77.6% , managing enterprise declares at customs charge forty-seven thousand two hundred yuan.

        It is to strengthen danger to change taste production to store risk canal accuses industry source safety. Supervise and urge danger is changed article production, store the business fulfils responsibility of safe production main body strictly, carry out seriously " Shanxi saves dangerous chemical to produce management enterprise to manage link " 10 forbidden " regulation " requirement, strengthen raw material to purchase further, product sale and assemble and unassemble the safety administration of link works. Fulfil strictly " one book is signed " requirement, father to check aptitude, register, approve closes, check drive aptitude of the member that the person reachs escort in transportation, ensure formalities of car of acceptance of consignment is all ready, accord with requirement of acceptance of consignment.